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Right to Rent

As per our legal responsibility, The Park Lane Group carries out ‘Right to Rent’ checks to ensure tenants have the right to rent under UK immigration law. You have the right to rent if you are:

  • British citizen
  • Citizen of a country in the EU or EEA
  • Citizen of another country with no time limits on your permission to live in the UK (such as indefinite leave to remain)

We conduct our checks in a fair, justifiable and consistent manner and without prejudice or discrimination.

To learn more about ‘Right to Rent’ checks please visit the website:

Documents that may be used under the Right to Rent check:

  • Group 1 documents in List A permit the holder permanent right to rent in the UK
  • Group 2 documents in List A must be shown in a combination of two
  • Documents in List B permit the holder to a time-limited right to rent in the UK

List A (Group 1): Acceptable single documents which show an unlimited right to rent

  • UK passport
  • EEA/Swiss national passport / identity card
  • Registration Certification or document certifying permanent residence of EEA/Swiss national
  • EEA/Swiss family member Permanent Residence card
  • Biometric Residence Permit with unlimited leave
  • Passport or travel document endorsed with unlimited leave
  • UK immigration status document endorsed with unlimited leave

List A (Group 2): Acceptable document combinations which show an unlimited right to right (any 2 of the below to be shown in combination)

  • UK birth or adoption certificate
  • Full or provisional UK driving licence
  • A letter from HM Prison Service
  • A letter from a Government Department or Local Authority
  • A letter of attestation from an employer
  • A letter from a UK further or higher education institution
  • A letter of attestation from a UK passport holder working in an acceptable profession
  • Benefits paperwork
  • Criminal Record Check

List B: Documents which show a time-limited right to rent

  • A valid passport endorsed with a time-limited period
  • Biometric immigration document with permission to stay for time-limited period
  • Non-EEA national residence card
  • UK immigration status document with a time-limited endorsement from the Home Office

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