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A Superhero Among Us

We receive lots of enquiries and messages via our website but one really stood out recently.

Richard Hall, Small Works Consultant for The Park Lane Group, came to the rescue of a family stranded in a vulnerable position on King Offa Way.

Richard spotted the mum, her children and her elderly mother in their car on the roadside in heavy rain. Concerned for their safety given their precarious position and poor driving conditions, he pulled up to see how he could help without further thought. Parking as safely as possible behind to create some barrier between them and the oncoming traffic, and managing to move the car a little further off the road to lessen the chances of a collision, he patiently waited with them until the AA were able to attend some time later.

Remembering the Park Lane Group car, the family have taken the trouble to find you via our website and emailed to extend their thanks and appreciation again.

You were, by all accounts ‘an absolute star and superhero’. Well done Richard.