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Rental: A Word from Pete

Tenant Review for The Park Lane Group

We pride ourselves on the longstanding relationships we build with so many of our tenants. It’s a mutual relationship that is built upon respect for our homes and the provision of an excellent quality service.

However, circumstances change and sometimes it’s time to bid farewell. For Pete, when it came time to move after renting with The Park Lane Group for more than 18 years, we were pleased to help.

Our team assisted him in finding the right property and the contacts he needed to make a smooth move.

According to Pete, “I was a tenant with The Park Lane Group around 18 years. I was always very happy with the company and never had any problems. Any repairs were done quickly and efficiently and all regular maintenance has been done as and when required. I would recommend Russell and his team to anyone. A big thank you to Mark, Jane Russell and all the team.”

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