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Livin’ in a Box … A Cardboard Box

The Big Sleep Hastings & The Park Lane Group team

Katie, Jane, Tania & Lauren from The Park Lane Group experienced something of the reality of sleeping rough last week as they took part in The Big Sleep at The Stade in Hastings and, between them, raised over £600.

Organised by Seaview Project, this year’s event has so far raised more than £21,000 with sponsorship still coming in. Furthermore,  the publicity it generates serves to highlight the issue of homelessness.

As we’re all about creating and providing homes, the organiser’s appeal for sponsorship and support struck a chord with us and The Park Lane Group were more than pleased to become a main sponsor with the funding of the hoodies and t-shirts for participants.

With a bit of foresight, our team were prepared with tarpaulins, rubber mats and sleeping bags, and arranged their cardboard boxes in a terrace to shelter from the cold and wind. With live music, a bedtime story, hot soup and steaming porridge the following morning, they report that, apart from some snoring in the middle of the night, it was otherwise a great experience.

Pictured from top to bottom: Jane Lewis, Katie Towers, Lauren Samuels & Tania Brown:


Big Sleep 2015 Jane

Katie Towers at The Big Sleep

Big Sleep 2015 Lauren & Tania


The Big Sleep hoodies, sponsored by The Park Lane Group:

Big Sleep hoodies by The Park Lane Group

Photo courtesy of Hastings Online Times – to read up further on The Big Sleep, visit Hastings Online Times.


29 September 2015