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In Tribute

Richard Hall tribute

We’re saddened to announce the sudden passing of our dear friend and colleague Richard Hall.

Richard has been part of The Park Lane Group ‘family’ for many years and valued and respected as an integral part of the business in his role as Small Works Construction Consultant.

On behalf of everyone, we extend our heartfelt thoughts to his family and share these tributes –

From Russell Beswick,

“I am truly shocked and dreadfully sorry about the sudden passing of Richard Hall. Richard was the kindest and most helpful person that I think I have ever come across, nothing was ever too much effort for Richard, he would always go out of his way to help everybody in and out of work. He was an incredibly loyal and dedicated member of the team, well-liked by absolutely everybody who knew him. He was not only a very hard working man but I can honestly say the most talented builder and all round clever man I’ve ever come across and ever likely to come across.

Richard started working with me 25 years ago in the very early days of Park Lane and was by far and away the longest serving member of the team. I occasionally joked with him that our relationship was more like a second marriage,  like husband-and-wife we would often niggle at each other but I am happy to say always kissing and making up afterwards. In the 25 years I had known him, he proved to be a real loyal and dependable person and whenever needed a real true friend.

“Outside of work he was a real family man and true friend to all of his friends. Together with his wife Trudy, they have bought up four lovely well-mannered hard-working children whom he was very close to and adored and was equally adored by them. My heart goes out to his family, his children I’ve known virtually all their lives. Daniel, Lydia, Olivia and Ben, your dad was one in a million, we are all going to miss him dreadfully.

“I have a lot of very fond and funny memories of my time with Richard and I often joked with him that at some point I should write a book about some of the hilarious stories. He always had a good sense of humour about himself and when we ever spoke about the early days he would always laugh when I recounted some of the stories. Richard was always keen to be involved in the social side of the company, we both recently exchanged photographs and memories of one of the times Richard built a Park Lane Group float for the Hastings Carnival based on a Royal theme. He rallied everyone round, including my children and his own and built the float all from his own ideas and won the best float in the category whilst disguised as Camilla Parker-Bowles – hardly a surprise, as Richard’s talents knew no bounds!

The photograph says it all. Richard was a true team player and always achieved more than anyone would ever expect of him.

“Richard, I am going to miss you, thank you for all you have contributed to everyone who was fortunate enough to have known you. Thank you and god bless you.” Russell xx

From Sharon Beswick,

“I am so saddened and totally shocked at the very devastating news of Richard’s death.  Richard was part of our family,  I have known him for as long as I have known Russell.  He was kind, helpful and always there to help, no matter what.  He had a great sense of humour which we all loved about him.  We will all miss him very much.  Our hearts go out to Trudy, Daniel, Lydia, Olivia and Ben who I can’t begin to imagine the heartache they are going through right now.  He will leave a big hole in everyone’s hearts, no one will ever replace him.  He was totally one in a million.  I know Russell has found this very hard hitting, he thought of him very much as a member of our family.   This has upset him greatly, we both will miss him very much. We love you Richard. God Bless. ” Sharon x

From Oliver Beswick,

“I have known Richard for the whole of my life and he felt like one of the family to me. He was one of a kind, as he was the most kind hearted people that I knew. He would always put other people first whatever the situation or time of day it was. He will be greatly missed by all. RIP Richard Hall.” Oliver

From Tony Barham, AMB Electrical,

“I just wanted to pass on to you all at PLG, my condolences over the sudden passing of Richard. He was a well liked and well respect man, who I for one will miss working with and knowing.
He will be sadly missed. Could you also please also pass on my thoughts and prayers to his family at this very difficult time. Thank you.” Tony

From Michael Barton,

“I feel honoured to have known you Richard, you were one of the best. We are all going to miss you. I hope your family take some comfort from the tributes we have all written – what a special guy you were.” Mikey

From Adrian Booker,

“Richard has been a large part of my life since I started at Park Lane over 4 years ago. From the first day I worked with him I instantly took a liking to him and my fondness only grew. He took me under his wing like he did all his team. He always strived for the best and had the highest expectations, yet he still had the time and patience for everyone, giving guidance to complete a task but also having  trust in our abilities. He aided his team to get the best out of everyone, he was always selfless with his knowledge and always there to help, encourage and improve his team, and as a result made those under him better tradesmen.

“He has taught me so much in the time I’ve worked with him, professionally he has made me the builder I am today and I will forever be in his debt, and I know I am not the only one. I’m sure that most who have worked alongside him at some point have learnt something from him regardless of their experience or qualifications. He was the ultimate practical man! It seemed he could do it all, be it electrical, plumbing, to fixing a car or speedboat! Nothing seemed to phase him, everything was always repairable or achievable. He really was an inspiration to work with.

“We became very close personally, I always had a massive respect for him and looked at him like a father figure. I admired his immense amount of knowledge, and not just professionally. He was one of the smartest guys I knew. If I had a question however  trivial or technical, he always seemed to have the answer. He just knew stuff! He was always there for me when I needed him, be it on the end of the phone or rescuing me when I have been stranded from a van breakdown, managing to fix me roadside or enough to get me to a garage. He was so knowledgeable and creative that he could just get a vehicle running with random bits he had in his van! If in doubt or need he would always give his time to help if he could.

“Along with his knowledge and kindness was his fantastic sense of humour. He could be childish one moment and then incredibly witty the next. He never took himself too seriously and always laughed with us or fired a quick quip back if the banter was aimed at him. Usually his big hands were the butt of most jokes, be it his likeness to ‘Wreck It Ralph’, the need for something larger than a shovel or more destructive than a sledgehammer. But he took all jokes in jest and was good fun to work with. I have many memories of the amusing things he would say and the random things that just happened to him. One of my favourites was the time he left his phone on the dashboard, passenger window open, took a sharp right and out flew the phone! Then to be run over by a bus, his well known enemy of the road! Priceless!

“His attention to work was mirrored to that of his family. He was a real family guy. He loved spending time with them and the way he talked to or about them was filled with love & pride. This was clearly reciprocated by the whole family. I’ve got to know each of them through various projects at his house, dinner or social events, and they are all a tribute to the the man he was.

“He really was one of a kind, I’ve never met anyone like him. I grew to love him as one of my best friends and respect him as my boss.  It was an honour to have known and worked with him. I’m truly devastated by his passing.  I’m not sure it’s fully sunk in, from seeing or speaking to him every working day to never again will take a long time to feel normal again. I still expect my daily phone call each morning as he’d shout down to me whilst driving to work on loudspeaker! He was my physical form of Google, whenever I had a question instantly I thought ‘Ask Rich!’. Now who will answer my questions!? The only unanswered question I have now is, why you, why now!? I still feel he had so much more to show me but owe him for what he has and I thank him for that! Life really is randomly cruel sometimes. But wherever you are now I’m sure you’re keeping yourself busy and smiling like you always did. I’m really going to miss you big guy. Love ya xxx” Adrian

From Tania Brown,

“What can I say – Richard, you truly were one of the kindest and caring people I have met. No matter how busy you were or what mood you were in, you would never mind me calling you (even when it was 5 or 6 times a day!) if I needed your help with something. I am still so shocked, I just can’t believe it; I keep expecting you to walk through the door with your cheeky little smile that always cheered me up. I will miss you coming into the office and sneakily eating the biscuits then blaming me and also you doing your “night time, day time bird” impression and just the way you lit up the room.

I am glad I got the chance to meet you and spend time with someone as sweet and caring as you. I know we will all miss you greatly and my heart goes out to your family at this devastating time. Heaven has gained another angel R.I.P.” Love Tania x

From Julie Burgess, Burgess & Co,

“It is with great sadness that I find myself paying tribute to Richard. Although I have know Richard for many years, it has been the last 12 months that I have had the pleasure of working closely with him. He was a very kind and genuine man, a real gentleman. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.” Julie x

From Jenna Burrell,

“Richard was one of a kind; a caring, loyal and lovable man.  He would go out of his way to help anyone.  In the 8 years I’ve known him I’ve never seen him angry or with a bad word to say about anyone.  He was always happy, even when he was busy and a bit stressed he could always manage a smile, or to answer his mobile phone in his best “welcome to Richard’s answerphone” voice.  The last moment I spent with Richard was having fun on our work night out, enjoying a few drinks and having a boogie on the dancefloor – a moment that I will treasure.

“No words can describe the pain we are all feeling.  He will be greatly missed every day and has left a big hole that can never be filled.” Jenna xx

From Ben Clifton,

“There are no words I can use to describe Richard, he was definitely one of a kind! I have only worked for The Park Lane group for a year now and the time I spent working with him I will never forget. He’s a true legend and is irreplaceable. He was kind, caring, and a bit of a joker. My ‘T-Rex arms’ nickname he gave me has still stuck haha. I am so pleased to have had the chance to work with him. He taught me well and was someone to look up to, not just as a work colleague but as a friend. I’m going to miss his texts having a moan at me and will miss calling him a ***** for his whining!

“Rest in peace mate. Will miss you loads, until we meet again….” Ben x

From Vicky Coleman,

“My thoughts are with Richard’s family.  One of life’s true gentlemen.  Her will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure to know him.” Vicky x

From Tracy Gould,

“I’ve had the privilege of working in Richard’s maintenance team for almost a year now. I remember with pride the day he said “I want to keep you in my team”. Richard was a good guy; stern when he needed to be, but kind and compassionate also. He was a ‘work horse’ in every sense. Running here, there and everywhere – places to go, materials to buy, people to see. I don’t think he ever really slowed down! He worked tirelessly! He was an irreplaceable person within the company and a real loss to everyone who knew him on so many levels.

“Much love Richard. I will miss your cheeky wit!! I hope when you’re looking down I’m still doing you proud boss! thank you for everything.” Tracy

From Juliette Hay,

“Where do I begin to describe such a kind and lovely man,

“It’s hard to think that I will never speak to or see you again,
I am honoured to have known you, if only for a short while,
My memories of you will always be of your cheeky laugh and smile

“Your devotion to your family always shone through,
Such a proud husband and a wonderful father too,
Work is going to be so strange without you there
I’ll miss the reliable lovely man who did always care”
Rest In Peace Richard x

From  Laurence Hulkes,

“I was totally shocked when I heard of Richard’s sad passing and my thoughts are with his family at this time.  I have known Richard for over eight years and since I first joined The Park Lane Group.  Throughout that those years he was always very generous with his time, helping out whenever he could, be that physically helping or at other times using the immense amount of knowledge that he had somehow accumulated throughout his life to come up with solutions to problems.  When not at work he was a strong family man, and when we went out on social occasions he was always good value for a story, never taking himself too seriously and often he was the butt of his own jokes.  In short, Richard was a true gent, a real team player, putting others before himself and always doing so with a smile on his face.

“Richard, they broke the mould with you and I feel privileged to have known you.  Thanks for the memories, RIP.” Laurence

From Sonia Jukes,

“Words cannot express how much I will miss Richard.  No matter how busy he was, he would always find the time to help out – even answering his phone when he was up a ladder on the top of a roof!  He will leave a huge hole in the hearts of the people that knew him and will be sorely missed.  My thoughts are with his family at this very difficult time.  God bless you Richard, you were one in a million.” Love Sonia xx

From Rick Kirk,

“I first met Richard approximately 18 years ago when he and Russell took me on.  The first project was a flat refurbishment behind the old college. I was quite young and naive back then and lacked experience but Richard took me under his wing and passed on some of his many talents. The next job was at Russell’s house (Horns Hill) removing all the hall wall and making it into a galleried landing so the Xmas tree would go in.  Yet again Richard passed on his skills to me, primarily routing and scribing. He also sorted a PM out who was trying to con me and The Park Lane Group, he was like my backbone.  I left The Park Lane Group but returned again 3 years ago and I am glad to say had contact with Richard again.  Both Tanya and I have said that Russell owns The Park Lane Group but you were The Park Lane Group. He ran it and knew who the good ones were and who weren’t and knew who wanted and needed his help!  (Top guy) Rest in peace mate.   My love to your family.” Rick x

From Jane Lewis,

“I have been trying to find the words befitting a tribute to Richard but none seemed adequate, so instead I will just write this note to you Richard.

“Your sudden passing has devastated us all and we can only seek comfort in sharing all the wonderful memories we have of you.  You said to me on Friday that you really appreciated all the help you received from the office, but it was you who always helped us with your knowledge, skill and enthusiasm – I don’t know where you found the time.  Your ability to tackle any challenge and find a way to fix things and get things done was endless and yet you were so modest.  We always said we needed to clone you, but the truth is we could never recreate the very spirit of you Richard.   I will miss your calls and whirlwind visits to the office, when you would bound in, covered in dirt and chirping hello in your own unique way – often with a tale of work or time spent with your family.  Your love for your family, your values and kindness was so endearing that on any social occasion it is no wonder we would all warm to your unassuming presence.  We keep finding your scribbled notes on anything you had to hand, be it a scrap of paper, cardboard packaging or chunk of plasterboard and your knack of renaming still keeps us all amused.  We all want to open the office biscuit tin and see you had got there first.  Richard, you lived life to the full and enriched the lives of those who had the pleasure to know you and I, for one, am so glad I did.

“This world has lost a true gentleman and the sky has gained a star so shine on, dear friend, shine on …..” Jane x

From Sue McGreevy,

“I know without having to read everyone’s tributes that they will all be the same, because that’s the person he was to everyone. He was a very sweet, kind-hearted  man.  He would bend over backwards to help others.

“I am truly devastated and I can honestly say The Park Lane Group will not be the same without him. It’s so sad to contemplate that Richard will never see the words we have all written about him and how much he was loved.” Sue x

From Mark Nash,

“I was totally shocked to hear of Richard’s passing and know that things will not be the same without him. Richard was always there for you and would always go out of his way to help. Richard, you will be truly missed by all and my thoughts are with your family at this very difficult time. Rest in peace Dickie Boy.” Mark

From Vincent Parsons,

“I am very sad to hear of Richard’s sudden passing. We first met around 18 years ago on one of the Park Lane Projects. I remember Richard always showing a keen interest in my electrical work as a young electrician, with me drawing wiring diagrams on plasterboard walls for us to discuss. I also remember other moments, such as the large chandelier that I had installed on a trailer winch in the attic, with myself and Richard looking up at it like Dell and Rodney. Thankfully it never fell down.

“You will be sadly missed by all and were a credit to the Park Lane Group.” Vince

From Lauren Samuels,

“Richard, I still cannot believe that you are gone. Although I have only known you for 6 months you never failed to make me smile. You always remained positive no matter what the day had thrown at you, and I could see that you made everyone feel happier when you came into the office. You always offered to help me, even if I phoned you at the most inconvenient times (which was usually when you were high up a ladder!). I feel lucky to have had the chance to meet you, a genuine man, who will live on in people’s fondest memories.

“My thoughts go out to your family at this difficult time, and to everyone who was close to Richard. Rest peacefully Richard, gone far too soon.” Lauren

From Teresa Skinner,

“Such Sad News! Richard will be truly missed by all.  My love and thoughts to all his family, friends and anyone that had the pleasure of knowing him. Goodbye Richard, Sleep Well.” Love Teresa x

From Mark Smart,

To a good friend and colleague, you will be missed. It has been a pleasure working with you. My thoughts are with your family.” Mark

From Adrian Wilkinson,

“Richard, you had so much patience and you taught me so much, I am really going to miss you. You were a credit to the company and if I can be half the man you were I will be alright in life. Rest in peace Richard.” Adrian