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Epic Kenyan Challenge

New classroom for Kenyan children

Following months of careful planning and preparation, The Park Lane Group has led a small team to Kenya, including managing director Russell Beswick and his son Oliver, to construct a much needed classroom and facilities for a small community.

The formidable project has also involved Battle Abbey School where Oliver is a pupil. It has seen us galvanise support from individuals and local companies, and, adding to direct funding from The Park Lane Group we have raised tens of thousands of pounds and gathered much needed tools and supplies for the project.

Construction Task

The construction work will take place at a school located on the edge of the Masai Mara. To date it has struggled with a number of issues, including a lack of fencing to prevent large game from wandering in and endangering children and teachers. Toilet facilities have consisted of a simple, exposed trench, whilst the floor routinely turned to mud with every rainfall. Furthermore, children have not had access to water whilst they attend school, apart from that collected in muddy puddles within the vicinity and a nearby stagnant pond.

Meticulous planning and several weeks of hard labour by the team will now see the creation of a brand new classroom on the site, with concrete flooring and a rainwater harvesting system. New desks and chairs will be provided and a further separate toilet block will also be constructed. Local Kenyan builders are also being involved as they become employed to work at the site. This will give them a valuable opportunity to use modern power tools and learn new techniques and skills. It is intended that all the tools will be left behind when the team return home, along with any surplus materials so that the locals are able to continue working there and effectively manage the school in the future.

We look forward to bringing you a further update and photographs at the end of July.


Photo caption: Prior to The Park Lane Group’s arrival, part of the basic facilities included a dark classroom without proper flooring used for up to 90 nursery and pre-school children, without seating, desks and access to water.