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Daylight Savings… Literally

Time to turn the clocks back and look forward to longer days and savings on fuel bills.

The Solar PV panels specified for 12 new 2-bed homes in Nightingale Place, Hastings, (COMING SOON) will bring daylight savings … literally … in the form of reduced or zero fuel bills for homeowners.

*And on top of very low or zero electricity charges thanks to the Panels, there will be potential for homeowners to receive money back from their energy supplier via the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme (FITs).

The high quality panels we have selected are an ‘in-roof system’ which means they sit neatly in between the roof tiles, rather than on top, creating a neater overall look. Nightingale Place is due for completion this Spring and we will be announcing dates for a launch event soon. The development is located in a quiet residential area in Ore, Hastings, and will offer a choice of 12 attractive 2-bedroom homes, each with a versatile living space, stylish fitted kitchen, contemporary bathroom, parking and private garden.

If you would like to find out more please drop us a line by email:  mentioning ‘Nightingale Place’ and we’ll ensure you’re among the first to receive more details and the chance to take a look round as we near completion.

Alternatively, telephone us on 01424 448988. We look forward to hearing from you.

*forecasted figures indicate the Solar PV Panels will cover typical household electricity consumption resulting in zero bills and payments from each homeowner’s energy supplier. However, please be advised that consumption has been based on the properties’ SAP calculations and actual consumption may vary affecting resulting bills and rebates.

To find out more about the Feed-In Tariff scheme visit the Energy Saving Trust at: