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Charity: United In Support & Prayers for Ukraine

We continue to support efforts to help the people of Ukraine and have donated £1200 fuel, tolls and channel crossing costs to enable an amazing group to complete their next aid trip.

Dom Tabony is founder of the car group BrassBallers. So moved by the atrocities in Ukraine, he set about gathering contacts with experience driving in Europe. They have already completed seven aid trips to get over 6 tonnes of vital supplies there.

Now they plan to complete a humanitarian aid trip to Ukraine every month – so long as funds permit – to send sanitary, medical and military supplies. Entering the country via its border with Poland, they have established a counterpart there to ensure 100% of the supplies get to its destination and aren’t at risk of being delayed in warehousing or getting into the black market.

You too can support them via their Ukraine Relief Group on Just Giving page