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Community: Mentoring the Students of Eastbourne

As always, here at The Park Lane Group we always strive to make a difference and engage with the communities in which we work and live.

With three developments in Eastbourne, and one more within the near distant future, we were delighted to have assisted CULTURE SHIFT C.I.C. in mentoring their students, by providing inspiration and technical guidance on their designs to repurpose the Bedfordwell Pumphouse in Eastbourne.

Students presented their carefully developed plans and drawings. These included using the building as a single space with a gym, exercise halls and Café, using the space as an evening music venue with daytime markets and lastly  a young person run enterprise primarily catering to young people as well as the locals, breaking the space down into a variety of businesses from vintage and upcycling to a café workspace and computer suite. The students addressed issues around the impact on local residents, parking, transport as well as the design aspects.