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Community: Financial Support to Young People in Kent & Sussex

The Park Lane Group is always interested in supporting inspirational causes, so we are especially proud to continue to be a contributing member of The Full Monte Consortium Fund.

Launched by local auctioneer Clive Emson, this innovative private fund focuses on providing financial assistance for individuals, particularly young people within Kent and Sussex.

The Fund has already helped numerous youngsters from deprived backgrounds in a range of ways throughout the years.

This year, we are delighted to report that the fund has helped with the following:

  • Fund school uniforms, shoes and sports kits for families struggling to make ends meet and buy these items for their children.
  • Help a young mother, aged 16, who is living in dire poverty, struggling to make ends meet. Our donations helped her fund sterilisers, nappies, and clothes for her child.
  • Further funding was provided to Jess Lovibond Therapeutic Services to ensure continued support is provided to families in distress caused by domestic abuse, trauma, or adverse childhood experiences.
  • Provide grants to a number of children in care to join their peers on weekend breaks, scout camps and school trips which they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to attend.
  • Donations to the Young Lives foundation and Kent County Council to ensure that each of the 2,000 18+ care leavers who have been put in temporary accommodation having left the care system received a small gift on Christmas Day to show that they were not forgotten.
  • Help young care leavers with their finances during the first two years of living alone with little mentoring support from the overstretched and underfunded social services departments.

The virtue of it’s structure as a private Fund means it is able to act quickly and can step in to aid when individuals’ circumstances may not meet the criteria of other channels, such as charities, or further help is needed.

Simply put, it has the potential to offer life-changing assistance for members of our society, some of whom have to decide between eating and heating and may be lonely or excluded from their peers as they are unable to attend community activities.

If you would like to find out more about the Fund, to either contribute or refer a case, please email