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Charity: United With Ukraine

We are deeply saddened by the scenes and stories of Ukrainians fleeing their homes and their country and have pledged support.

The Park Lane Group has provided £15,000 to extend purpose-built accommodation on the Romania/Ukraine border. This will provide somewhere for families and women and children to rest overnight and enjoy hot meals before continuing their journey.

The property, which is named Casa Neemia, is managed by two charities, the Romanian Aid Foundation and Asociatia Neemia.

With our support and that of others, the roof space is being converted to form two large rooms with En-suite bathrooms.

In the short term, this will mean it can provide safe overnight refuge and help many refugees as they leave the Ukraine. Longer term, it will be able to offer a secure home.

You can read more about Casa Neemia and the project to extend it here.

To find out more about the Romanian Aid Foundation, which is a UK-registered charity, visit:

The Disasters Emergency Committee has also set up a Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

You can donate here