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A Letter from the Home Secretary…

Amber Rudd Ltr

It’s not every day we receive a letter from the Home Secretary. But Amber Rudd, MP for Hastings and Rye and Home Secretary,  chose to write to The Park Lane Group this week to commend us on our Community Giveaway, saying ….

“I am writing to commend you on the work you have done recently as part of the Community Giveaway initiative. 

“In the Hastings Observer of Friday 6 October, I read that The Park Lane Group match-funded a recent donation to ‘You Raise Me Up’ raised from an impromptu auction. In doubling the fundraising, I am sure that you will help many families who have lost a young adult. Your generosity is commendable and I am sure that many families will be grateful for the support that ‘You Raise Me Up’ will be able to give them as a result of your Community Giveaway.

Once again, I cannot commend your generosity enough. Congratulations on The Park Lane Group’s 30 year anniversary: I am delighted that your commemorating it in such a positive way for the community.”


You can find out more about The Park Lane Group Community Giveaway here.

18th October 2017

30 YearsWe’re proud to be celebrating 30 years this year, having grown from a single property development in 1987 to become one of the largest independent housebuilders in the area. Managing everything from property sales to our rental and maintenance service makes us a little different, but we believe it is our commitment to remaining local and serving the communities in which we also live and work that really sets us apart.