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Charity: Pushkin Antiques Auction for Ukraine

Another business to have been galvanised into action by the war in Ukraine is Pushkin Antiques in Tunbridge Wells.

Alexander Pushkin was spurred to do something within days of the conflict starting and set about organising a fundraising auction to help fleeing refugees.

In addition to personally donating 10 lots, they gained the support and involvement of Gorringes Auctions, Pantiles Arcade, Scottish Antiques, and others. The event raised over £11,000 and we were honoured to count among those behind this impressive total.

Alexander, who moved to the UK at the age of eight, describes feeling ‘helpless and devestated’ for friends and family in Ukraine and Russia.  Also, of his duty as a British Citizen to do what is possible on his part.

We will also continue to do what we can to help those fighting for freedom and fleeing for safety.