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Charity: Helping the Local Community

The Park Lane Group’s Community Commitment Programme runs alongside and in addition to the community work surrounding our developments.

This year, we have focused heavily on supporting local charities by providing hands on assistance as well as financial donations. With this in mind, Moya, our Charity Liaison Officer is seconded full time to a number of charities throughout East Sussex, working tirelessly to aid them in whatever way she can.

Recently, Moya has helped with the following:

  • Helping the homeless at Absolute Angels and The Matthew 25 Mission by sorting through donations of clothes, shoes, and various homeware.
  • Help feed the homeless by serving them a hearty breakfast and lunch. With the cost-of-living crisis, this has become more important than ever, and Moya is delighted to help in any way that she can for those affected.
  • Supporting elderly residents currently in care in the community. Moya visits several elderly residents in local care homes to keep them company, which is very much Moya’s speciality!
  • Helping at the Seaside Community Hub by bagging up food ready to give out to those struggling on low incomes.
  • Helping in the Matthew 25 Mission charity shop to raise money for food to serve the homeless.
  • Wrapping Christmas presents for children whose families are suffering on low incomes and cannot afford to buy gifts at Christmas.