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Absolute Angels at Work

Absolute Angels in Eastbourne

Absolute Angels at work in Eastbourne, helping people who are homeless, vulnerable or struggling on low incomes.

The Park Lane Group committed a donation to support them in their work just before Christmas. We also funded 30 new sleeping bags to give to people in need.

It was great to hear how our sponsorship has helped in the provision of hampers for local youth hostels, a family in need, and more.

Absolute Angels was founded 4 years ago by friends Maria, Sarah and Naomi. They set up in Terminus Road every Thursday from 7-9pm to provide a food station. The numbers of people coming to find them varies and has reached as many as 54 on a night. They chat, provide a friendly face and warm welcome and provide hot and cold food and drink. At Christmas, they took a group of 51 out for a chinese buffet.

Their commitment and work is provided with sincerity and care and is sadly much needed.

You can find out more about Absolute Angels on their facebook page here.